Thursday, February 12, 2009

Broth and Its Benefits

I have been featured on my daughter's new blog, Cookies and Cream. I recently found this wonderful information about the health benefits of broth. I knew it was good, I just didn't know it was that good! Here is the link to the article Broth is Beautiful. I have joint issues and I didn't know that homemade broth can contain chondroitin sulphates and glucosamine. I think I'll eat soup more often!!

Happy cooking,


Abounding Treasures said...

I love homemade broth!

Thanks for leaving me birthday wishes the other day :o)

I love the beautiful items you have created and put in your Etsy shop!


MrsD/Jacque said...

Very interesting. I have been trying to put soups on the menu more this winter as a means of filler/ not fat for weight loss. It will be interesting to read your article!

MrsD/Jacque said...

Read the article. It was really wonderful! Thanks! There is a lot of information on it. We do not ever cook our stock quite so long, and I didn't know there was a way to do it, but we do use natural or fresh meat and chickens, and that is our soup stock.
Thanks for this great link!

Gloria said...

Thanks for the nice comments, ladies. It's nice to know that something we do already is really so good for us. God's natural way is the best way.

Jacque said...

Ahhh... I found it! :))

I have a mom on GTH who has the flu right now, and since she really can't afford to do a lot of extras, I am trying to find her some good home recipes.

I am also posting some influenza remedies and will be including this! Thankful for archive drop-downs!

Be blessed friend!