Thursday, March 26, 2009

A New Blog

My son, Steven, has started a new blog! Go over to The Open Book and check it out. His first post is about building the chicken coop with his dad and brother. He is planning to post about our new day old chicks that are coming on Monday.
Have a great day!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ramblings and Prayer Request

My daughter, Julia helped me change my blog background. It was time for a spring-y look so she designed a new header to match the background we chose from the Cutest Blog on the Block. I am so impressed with her creativity and flair! She is a joy to have around!!

We have been led to attend a home church. It feels like we are finally home after wandering around for a long time in other fellowships. Every Sunday we come away blessed by the teaching and fellowship. We praise God for the new friends and a place to call home.

I also have been blessed with a new friend. She and her family live 1/2 hour away, close enough for regular visits! They are so sweet and we all get along so well. We just fit! That is an answer to a prayer for new friends. Thank you, God!

For all my new friends that I have found through this blog, I am asking for prayer. I am going to a doctor on Tuesday to get some help with disease that I have, rheumatoid arthritis. I will be seeing a rheumatologist to hopefully get some pain relief. I have not had full time medication for 10 years and I really don't want to start it up again. ( I had taken it for 2 years.) So please cover the visit in prayer. First, I want God's will to be done. Second, I need a better quality of life so that I can fulfull my role as wife and mama. It will be comforting to know that you are praying for me. If you will be praying, will you drop me a comment so that I know? Thanks so much.

Spring is in the air and we have lots of great projects on our plate. Our small garden is growing well. We will be adding more plants soon. Our second chicken coop is almost ready and our new day-old chicks will be arriving next week. My dear husband and Julia are going to the Father/Daughter Retreat at Callaway Gardens next weekend. That should be great. And of course, sewing and crochet projects.

Well, I guess that is enough rambling for now.
Have a blessed week!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Just a quick note....

to let you all know that we are still alive and kicking! Yes, we are finally feeling better and have finally caught up with house cleaning and laundry. So there is a little time for blogging. I have some sewing projects that I am working on so I will post a few pictures soon.

Julia has learned a really neat "granny square" and is going to show me how to do it. I'll show you that, too.

I've been taking advantage of the meat sales at our local grocery store. I have been buying extra and canning it up for future use. Another reason blogging has been put off.

Thanks for your prayers and concerns for our well-being. I have met some truly nice people in blog world and for that I am very grateful.

More to come,

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow and Sickness

It has been an amazing week! Last Tuesday most of my family came down with the flu. Who knows what it was but it was severe! All I can say is that I am so glad that we are finally getting better. We basically took care of symptoms all week so we were away from the computer.
Then, Sunday it SNOWED!! We got about 5 inches here. We have been hoping for snow for the 3 years we have lived here. We went to Michigan this year to see family and snow and then it snows here! We have been double blessed with snow this winter.
Needless to say, the children loved it! I was enthralled to watch the huge flakes fall so fast it was a white-out. I think if we had not just been to Michigan and were getting over colds, they would have been out in it all day. As it was, they played outside quite a bit and enjoyed it so much.
I prefer the colder weather but I admit that I am ready for spring to come and warm things up a little bit!
Check out Julia's blog for more great pictures and details of our snow and sickness.
Hope you have a great week!