Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow and Sickness

It has been an amazing week! Last Tuesday most of my family came down with the flu. Who knows what it was but it was severe! All I can say is that I am so glad that we are finally getting better. We basically took care of symptoms all week so we were away from the computer.
Then, Sunday it SNOWED!! We got about 5 inches here. We have been hoping for snow for the 3 years we have lived here. We went to Michigan this year to see family and snow and then it snows here! We have been double blessed with snow this winter.
Needless to say, the children loved it! I was enthralled to watch the huge flakes fall so fast it was a white-out. I think if we had not just been to Michigan and were getting over colds, they would have been out in it all day. As it was, they played outside quite a bit and enjoyed it so much.
I prefer the colder weather but I admit that I am ready for spring to come and warm things up a little bit!
Check out Julia's blog for more great pictures and details of our snow and sickness.
Hope you have a great week!


The Cole Family said...

Oh, Gloria! I am so sorry you have been sick. We all got the flu last year in january and it was awful. We had a terrible time. I wish we lived close so I could bring you food! I will call you tomorrow to check on you.


Holly said...

Whoa! That sure is a lot of snow! We hardly ever get that much here in NZ, even smack in the middle of winter!

MrsD/Jacque said...

I hope you are all well now! I am sure you must be, since it has been a week.
Amanda and Jocelyn let me know that you all had gotten snow. How fun! We were so happy for you!
How is the weather now? We have had a lot of rain and a lot of wind. The other day, a tornado went through and touched down several times along its path in the area. Last night, I think the winds were about 70mph, and I couldn't open the window on the West side without the wind blowing me over. Now we have quite a bit of flooding in the area. Amanda and I went to town today and had to go through water flooding across the road. It wasn't too deep, but I still *hate that*!

I hope you are doing well. May the LORD bless you all~

Gloria said...

Thank you for the nice comments! Yes, we are finally feeling better. I had been so sick that it took quite a while to get back to full strength. Then there was the catching up to do. :-)

Thanks for the comment Holly! Nice to hear from you all the way from New Zealand!

Blessings to you friends,