Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Health Update

I went to the doctor last Friday and got the antibiotic prescription. She did such a thorough examination of my joints. She told me that my left shoulder had bursitis in it. I remembered that I had bursitis there while I was in college. She also mentioned that I might have Psoriatic Arthritis because of the ridges in my fingernails. Very interesting. My mom and sister have the same ridges in their nails as well as raised first joints on their fingers. But I am the only one in our family to ever have RA. Maybe it is PA and then it would be more hereditary.
Anyway, I started on the medicine. It made me dizzy so we are backing it down to half the dosage for a while. I felt like I had the flu for two days. Today, I feel amazingly well. No crutches in the morning and no body aches. Praise God!
So that is it for now. I'll post more later.

Have a great day!


The Cole Family said...


I am so glad you are better. I am praying for you. Keep me posted!


Anonymous said...

We are continuing to pray this will bring you relief!
So sorry we missed Bob's teaching; it sounded wonderful from your notes.
Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!
Love, Debbie