Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our 20th Anniversary!

Today is our 20th wedding anniversary! We have had 20 wonderful years together. At times, life in general was hard but through everything our marriage has been a constant foundation of love, joy and peace.

I just want to give a tribute to my awesome husband. Bob is a godly man who loves the Lord with all of his heart. He is so loving, kind and gentle. Never unkind or harsh. He meets my needs and cares for me in every way. He is selfless and thoughtful. He is a strong leader and wonderful father. I am so blessed to be married to him! We talk about the Proverbs 31 woman. Well, Bob is the I Corinthians 13 man. He is my best friend. I would rather spend time with him than anyone else.

Thank you, Bob, for 20 wonderful years together.

All my love,


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Hope you have a wonderful time of celebrating together.



Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

I guess you got the other most awesome man! (wink, wink)

So happy for you guys. It is so sad that a wonderful, godly, happy marriage is sort of rare, even in Christian circles.

It is such a gift, isn't it!

Rachel said...

Hi Mrs. Erickson! I am a friend of Julia's! Congratulations! That is a wonderful things to see! I hope you and your husband enjoy celebrating together! May God bless you with many more years of happiness together!

~Miss Rachel~

Miss Breezy Tulip said...


It's such a blessing to hear women praise their husbands, honoring them and the Lord at the same time.

May God continue to bless you both!

The Cole Family said...


Happy Anniversary! Bob and I will be celebrating 21 years on July 2nd. It is truly a blessing to have such wonderful husbands (especially the ones named Bob!) I pray that my daughters can marry someone like their dad. Those men are really rare, huh?

How are you feeling? I have been praying for you. Did you and Bob go anywhere for your day?

Call me when you can!


Gloria said...

Thank you all for the sweet comments. Bob and I went out to dinner last night at Callaway Gardens for their seafood buffet. It was awesome. He also gave me a dozen roses with a great card.