Thursday, January 21, 2010

The House That Cleans Itself Part 2

OK, so over lunch I start reading the book.  It's very good so far.  She begins by drawing a floor plan to determine the flow of the house and in which order you want to organize your house.  Bob drew out a plan last night so I am all set there. 

Now I need to copy it and start planning out the zones. 

The book was so easy to read I ended up reading the first 3 chapters over my salad lunch. The second chapter encourages you to find the Home Base Zone, the area that, if clean, gives you a sense that you can handle the rest of the job.  I will have to think on that one.  It doesn't jump out to me right now. 

The third chapter discusses how to get the whole family on board.  Yay!  A family oriented approach appeals to me!    I have to finish the book and then have a family meeting.  My children already are great cleaners so hopefully they will be inspired to be more organized, too.  Julia is very excited so no problem there.  Bob is generally neat so that shouldn't be any trouble, except maybe those dirty socks that somehow seem to miss the hamper.....

Well anyway, so good so far.  I'll keep you posted.

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