Friday, February 19, 2010

New Look

Well, here it is!  All fixed up and ready for spring!

A special thank you to my sweet daughter Julia for her talented efforts on my lovely header.  She is so creative and always does such a beautiful job!  I am so blessed that she is my daughter!!

She also helped me with the many little details of getting the blog to coordinate so nicely.  I appreciate you, Julia!

Also some big news, we have decided to NOT SELL OUR HOUSE!!  Yay!!  After much prayer, we believe God wants us here for the present.  So we plan to take dominion of our land and use it in a more productive way.  We cleared two areas up the hill for large gardens.  The larger one is about 50' x 25'.

The second area is about 30' x 20'.  Two weeks ago, Bob rented a roto-tiller and started to break up the ground.  It was pretty hard and had some rocks.  He was able to get it broken up but will have to go over it again. 

Here you can see the boys clearing some of the weeds that we had to cut down to clear the area.  This part of our property is very steep.  Bob built steps so that we could get to the top without sliding down the hill. 

This is looking down on our house from the top area of garden. 

Hopefully, we will have a bountiful garden this year.  If not this year, then maybe next.  :)

Anyway, that's some of what is going on around here.    

This is the new garden under about 8 inches of snow.  It melted by Saturday afternoon but it sure was pretty while it was here!



Ruth said...

Hi! My name is Ruth. Your very talented daughter led me to your site and I'm blessed to know you and your industrious family. I remembered praying for your house sale. I'm glad you decided not to because you have a very lovely house.

I signed up to follow and will be visiting more in the coming days.

Gloria said...

Thanks for the nice comment, Ruth. So nice to meet you. I was wondering where you live that it could be in the 80's? It has been cold here.

Pamela said...

Hey Gloria I love your new spring look and I was very impressed with the clearing for the garden. I know you will love having all those great veggies at your fingertips. Blessings!