Monday, February 1, 2010

Refined Focus

This blog will serve as my place to share more personal thoughts, reflections and spiritual truths that I am learning.  The plan is to post resourceful, frugal, creative and crafty ideas on the "So Dutch" blog,  

The newest post is about free math worksheets.  So hop over there to read about this great freebie.

What do you do when you feel agitated and stressed?  How do you relieve that pressure that builds up from frustrating situations?  Feeling overwhelmed?  Fearful?

Pray!  Pray and take all those concerns to God.  He is waiting to hear you.  One by one lay them at His feet.   Repent, if need be.  Forgive, if necessary.  And then, above all, TRUST.  Trust your Heavenly Father to go before you, fight your battles, provide and lead. 

Then, rest.  Rest in His peace which passes understanding.  Know that He loves you and will take care of you. 

Focus on Him, not the storm around you.   He is willing and able to meet your needs. 

Praying and resting,


Anonymous said...

I had not read your blog in months as I thought maybe you had stopped posting. It's good to see you back at it. Thanks for sharing.



Gloria said...

Hi Victoria,

Thanks for leaving a comment. I am glad you are reading again. Yes, I had taken some time off of blogging. Life seemed to be busy and frankly, I wasn't feeling well. I'm feeling better and it is nice to get back to blogging.
Your comment is encouraging.

Thanks again,