Thursday, August 4, 2011

Seven (days) of Skirts! Day 2 & 3

The days are flying by!  We went as a family to the river yesterday for some sun and fun.  It was a great time and we even saw some friends there.  Needless to say, after being gone for 4 hours I spent the rest of the day catching up so yesterday and today's skirts are here in one post. 

Day 2:

Skirt: Handmade culottes, split skirt or gauchos, whatever you want to call them.  Pattern online, see below.

Shirts: Cherokee brand t-shirt from Target in lavendar and the white shirt is an Izod from a thrift store about 6 years ago.

Hairstyle: Braid, done by Julia my wonderful hairstylist!

Shoes: Velcro sandals, Wal-mart.

The overshirt idea came from some Mennonite friends that I met recently.  They often wear a sleeveless blouse over their dress.  I love the idea because sometime I feel just a t-shirt is not exactly what I want to wear alone and the over blouse makes it feel just right!

I actually cut the sleeves off of this blouse right before we left.  Here are the steps if you want to make a sleeveless blouse for yourself.

 First, cut off the sleeve leaving about 3/4 inch from the seam.  Turn the shirt inside out so you see the inside of the shirt.  Turn under the edge and then turn under again.
 Stitch close to the fold.  It should look like the sleeve hole was top-stitched when you look at the outside (right side of the shirt).
The culottes I made from a pattern that I drafted to fit my measurements.  It was pretty easy and didn't take too much math!  ;-)  I bought the pattern online from Patterns That Fit You.  It is included in the Skirts patterns.  I just love this pattern.  I have used it many times. 

Day 3:

Skirt: Liz Claiborne, found at a thrift store for $8

Shirts:  Plaid white and lavendar Land's End, thrift store $1.25 and a sleeveless white t-shirt Liz Claiborne also a thrift store find for $1.50 (which you can't see).
Hairstyle:  Basic ponytail
Shoes: Comfy sandals, same as yesterday!

Bob and I headed into Civilization to do some errands and meet someone for business.  I love this denim skirt because it is so comfortable.  I love the style of the skirt, it is fitted not gathered at the waist, but not tight.  As you can probably tell, lavendar is one of my favorite colors. 

So there you have it. Until next time,


Julia said...

Beautiful, Mama! :D You look darling in both outfits. I love that hat you wore to the river. :D

Thanks for calling me your wonderful hairstylist! :D

Wuv you. ;)


Julia said...

Oh, and thanks so much for the blog comment!!!! :)