Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Seven (days) of Skirts!

SOS! Calling all girls, ladies, feminas, and women!

Our culture has almost seen the extinction of a very rare breed of person. Nearly nowhere to be seen, this type of human is very close to being wiped out completely. So difficult is a sighting that when one does catch a glimps of this unusual specimen of humanity, the stares and comments like "So, are you mormon or something?" or "You must be a homeschooler." from bystanders nearly drive it back into hiding.

This disappearing person is a woman.

A womanly woman. A feminine, chaste, discreet, modest woman! A godly woman who cares about obeying the commands of the word of God and the minds of her brothers in Christ more than the pressures of the world that try to influence her to dress seductively and immodestly, following after the trends in Hollywood's movies and New York's runways.

The above comes straight from Julia, my daughter's blog.  She is doing Seven (days) of Skirts and I decided to join her.  I will be posting as I can as my life is pretty busy! 

So here is DAY 1:

This is the work-at-home style of modesty. 

Skirt: Repurposed from an Eddie Bauer jumper that was about 10 years old.

Shirt: Cherokee brand t-shirt from Target

Hairstyle: Pulled back into a scrunchie and then up in a clip

Shoes: Super comfy slippers, Family Dollar for only $4.

Here is the back.  This hairstyle keeps the long hair out of the way for cooking and cleaning!

I am dressed this way because I am not leaving the house!  No one but my family will see me.  My shirt and skirt already have stains on them so if I get messy working around the house it won't matter!  I didn't even iron my skirt! *Gasp*

My sweetie had to get in on the fun while Julia was taking my picture!!  He is just so good to me!
The slippers are my standard footwear around the house.  These are in need of a good washing with drips and splotches on them. 

The nice thing about this outfit is the comfort.  And the pockets!  It helps to have pockets for stashing little things I pick up as I move around. 

I really like what Julia said on her Day 1 post:
I happen to believe that you can also be modest in pants, capris, and knee-length shorts (like bermuda shorts) as long as they are not tight (Tight clothing is NOT modest. I get so sick and tired of seeing girls wear tight-tight-TIGHT clothing and still claim they are 'modest' because they aren't showing any cleavage or their belly button.) But that's a different topic. :D Anyway... I chose to do this project and wear only skirts with my outfits.

Modesty is a lost art these days.  Yes, tight is the norm as well as low-cut and short.  I believe a good standard for tightness is the 1 inch pinch.  What I mean is, where the clothes cover the hips, grab a piece at the hips.  If I can pinch about an inch of fabric away from my body (that really comes out to be about 2 inches of width), without stretching it, I am  probably close to being not too tight.  If I can do this on both sides at one time, even better.  I definitely don't want my clothes to look painted on.  Actually, this needs to be done at the waist for t-shirts and legs in pants as jeans these days are sooooo tight.  Also the shirt should not be snug, but relaxed fitting and not see-through.   Keep undergarments, like bra straps and lacy camis undercover.  I could go into more details but I will leave it like this.  

The Bible is very clear on modesty.  I Timothy 2:9-10 says, "In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works."

I also believe that as a Christian woman, I have a great responsibility to the men around me to not be a stumbling-block.  I don't need to make it any harder for a man to keep his mind pure by dressing carelessly.  Do we even think of this anymore?  Am I or are you so focused on what I want, to be stylish or have my freedom to dress as I please, that I totally disregard those around me?  God help us.

I am not a skirt-only advocate.  I do wear pants and capris at home.  But lately, I have felt led to wear skirts or loose culottes when I am out in public.  I usually wear some kind of blouse with a higher neckline, too.  Interestingly enough, people are so respectful of me when I am dressed this way.  They open doors and smile more.

Now for the REAL ME part,  I almost didn't post these pictures.  When I reviewed them, I thought, "Oh man, I look so fat!  I can't post these!"  Now wait a minute!  Fat, fat??  Compared to whom?  And who says?? 

Our culture today is obsessed with skinny.  Before the days of Twiggy and Barbie, women were considered normal if they had a little body fat.  Strong, robust women worked hard for their families on farms and in the home.  Paintings of past eras show women with volumptuous curves and feminine figures.  Not to mention my ancestry.  I am 100% Dutch.  Dutch people are big boned, tall and robust.  It is not healthy to be as skinny as your bone structure will allow. 

It is NOT NORMAL to be so thin!  It may be popular but it is NOT NORMAL.  I for one, am taking back my body type and being totally content right where I am and not conforming to what the world and culture say I should look like.  I love me, even the way I look!  Perfection does not have to rule in how much I weigh.  I would not be "prettier" if I was thinnner.  So I am going to just be myself.  How about you just be yourself, too?

BTW, I have purposely tried to not "preach" here.  I am not going to use my blog to be a woman preacher.  So if I use the personal tense, please forgive me for sounding self centered.  I am trying to avoid finger-pointing,  OK? 

Well, there you have it.  I hope that when people see me, they see my heart's desire for holiness and godliness, and the way I dress doesn't come in the way of that, but rather enhances it.


Julia said...

Your best post yet, Mama! :D Loved it! You wrote so eloquently on the topic of modesty. You are an inspiration to me, Mum. :) Thank you for writing this!!

Loved what you said about the pictures you posted. ;) I like the one of you and Daddy best! :D

Lots of love & hugs,

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I have heard about this blog from Mckenzie's blog,and I absolutely love this idea! Many people I have come by would never wear skirts most of the time that come below the knee for fear of not fitting into this world! To do this project, you really have to love and obey the Lord's perfect law because following the Lord is never about fitting in with the crowd,but the strenghth to stand against it when commanded to do so! I can't wait to start the SOS project.You have given much encouragement to me as a sister in Christ and I believe to many others. Thank you and God bless, ~Madison