Thursday, May 12, 2011

Great Weekend at GHEA!

 This is Julia's booth before the GHEA conference started.  She had a lot to sell!

 The booths were usually very busy so it was hard to get a picture of all the people coming and going.  She did very well and sold quite a bit.  She also enjoyed seeing friends that she doesn't get to see often.
 Here is Mark and Steven's booth.  They also did very well and sold almost ALL of the weapons that they brought. 
People were amazed at the concept and parents of boys were really intrigued with the idea.  It was a great learning experience for the children to speak to customers.  They kept their cool even when their booths were swamped! 

You can download a free Shield and Buckler booklet from the Warfare by Duct Tape website.  Click here to go there.

All of the ebooks are available as a download from their websites.  Julia's is HERE.  The boy's website is HERE.

Julia is planning a freebie in the near future, so you may want to bookmark her website and check back later. 

I also had fun seeing friends, (Hi Vickie!) and others that I only get to see at the conference. 



Anonymous said...

Hi Bloria,

It was great seeing you again too. Maybe one of these days we can get together in between conferences. :)


Gloria said...

Hi Victoria,
Thanks for the comment! We should get together sometime, that would be so fun! We'll have to put our heads together on that one. :)