Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Preview!

Here is the preview of the new ebooks!!  I hinted at this a few posts ago.  We will be selling them at the GHEA Convention in Atlanta on May 5-7.  If you are at the convention, please stop by, I would love to talk with you!

Julia has been working very hard to write some how-to books for making jewelry.  She is done with all three books and they are available for purchase on her website, .

 My sons have updated the Battle Book which they sold last year with computerized patterns, instead of hand-drawn ones.  The Armored Glove book was made last summer.  The Greco-Roman and Barbarian books are totally new.  There are new weapons, helmets and costumes in them.

The ebooks will also be for sale on their website, as soon as we can get them up there.

They have also made a lot of swords, spears, battle axes and throwing axes to sell at the convention.  So if you didn't get your toy weapon last year, now is your chance.  :)

As we are super busy getting ready to go, I won't be posting for a little bit.  I will let you know how everything went when I get back. 

Please keep us in prayer for the whole deal, OK?  Thanks so much!!


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