Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Renewing Your Marriage Vows

Marriage can become like a pair of old slippers, comfortable, worn in all the right spots and possibly taken for granted. 

After more than 20 years of marriage, Bob and I had the opportunity to renew our vows.  It was meaningful and brought to the forefront our commitment to each other in a fresh and new way.

If you would like to renew your vows with your spouse, here are the vows that we used. 

Dear ______,
I want to take this time today to renew the covenants of marriage with you. 

I vow to keep these covenants of marriage will all my heart and for the rest of our lives together. 
I vow to honor your family, as well as my own, in a way that is pleasing unto the Lord.

I vow to love you with every fiber of my being, in all of our good times and bad.

I vow to keep you as my best friend and have no other friend that takes your place.

I vow to support you and encourage you in word and in deed and to lift your spirits when you are down.

I vow to set aside time especially for you, to keep our love fresh and strong. 

I vow to give myself and my passions to you alone.

I vow always to have a heart of gratitude toward you and to always be honest with you. 

And I vow to never look for love in anyone else.

Furthermore, I vow to be the Father/Mother I should be, in raising our children in the love and commandments of God and not the leave that great responsibility to you alone.

I vow to keep all of the covenants with you, with the help of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Thankful for my marriage,

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