Thursday, January 1, 2009

Awesome Soup Recipe

I love to cook and I am constantly looking for really good, tasty recipes.

We had leftover ham with a bone and I thought I'd try some ham soup. I don't have a favorite recipe for that so I went looking, I found a great recipe for Ham and Potato Soup. Wow! Was it ever good!! You could even make it without the ham and it would still be great. I found it here. I simmered the ham bone in water for several hours and used that broth instead of the water that is called for in the soup. I didn't add the bouillon. I also doubled the recipe and I'm sure glad I did. It went fast! You could even use the base for other soups that are creamy. Check it out. But don't just take my word for it, almost 2000 other people liked it too! :-)

Good eating,


Bob and Cindy Cole said...

Sounds good! I just made Bethany some potato soup this afternoon. She is still needing to eat softer foods.

I want to answer your question about if we have any friends here raising thier kids they way we are, but I would like to email you an answer. Could you send me your email?


Julia said...

It sure was good, wasn't it?

Love you Mama! Thanks for commenting on my blog!


Miss Jocelyn said...

Well if I ate pork I'd try it. LOL Sounds good at any rate.

Gloria said...

Miss Jocelyn,
The soup is so good you don't even need the ham! It is a great potato soup. Thanks for the comment!
Mrs. Gloria