Friday, January 9, 2009

Frugal Friday: Freecycle

My frugal tip for this Friday is the Freecycle. Have you heard of it? I just recently found out about it. It is a website that sponsored by local citizens in the effort to recycle by sharing things with others for FREE! Yes, I said, FREE! There seems to be one in every city. I live in a very rural area with a small town and we have one. Just Google "Freecycle" and see if there is one near you.

I shared some clothes we had outgrown and the recipients were so grateful. I felt I had done a good deed for someone, instead of just dropping them off at a thrift shop.

Have fun sharing!

Check out the other lovely ladies at Biblical Womanhood for their frugal tips!


Julia said...

Sounds like a great idea!! :D

The new look is SO cute, Mama. :) I'm so proud of us!! :D

Keep on bloggin'!!


The Cole Family said...

I love the new look! Those are pretty colors together. I will have to look into freecycle. That sounds neat.


Shari said...

I mentioned Freecycle in my post, too. We just got a really good used couch.