Sunday, January 4, 2009

What a Nice Day

The day was so nice. I have been fighting a sore throat for about 10 days now. No energy for fun or work. Yesterday was foggy and rainy. You could barely see about 50 feet. I think our little mountain had a cloud sitting on top of it.

But today, today was nice! The sun came out and it warmed up to about 72 degrees. (F) Right after lunch we headed out to the park. Nearby we have a state park with a lovely river that flows through it. We set up our chairs and stretched out in the sun. The bright rays warmed my face and a gentle breeze ruffled my hair. Oh, it was nice. It was so relaxing. The children puttered around the riverbank, skipping stones and finding interesting pieces of wood. They said the water was cold. I took their word for it!

After a restful hour, we headed home. The children were peaceful after burning off some steam and we parents were content and relaxed.
We need the rain and are grateful when we get it, but it was wonderful to be in the sun today.

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The Cole Family said...

Oh, I want to go! Your neck of the woods looks so pretty! I got your email about curriculum and you have inspired me! My older girls and I have been planning for a new and fun semester. We have been packing up teacher manuals and putting them in the attic! I can't wait to email you back and ask some questions. Thank you for your encouragement about trusting God. You are such a good friend! When can we come visit?! I will write you back tomorrow. Glad you had a nice day!