Friday, April 8, 2011

Desires of our Hearts

Our Heavenly Father is such a good Father.  He loves us so much.  He often gives us the very desires of our hearts.  Granted, sometimes, He doesn't because they are not the best for us. 

I have always wanted to bake my own bread, from scratch and have it taste really good!!  Almost two years ago, I was blessed to receive a grain mill as a gift from a friend.  Then God provided the funds to buy a bread machine.  So for almost 2 years my family has been blessed to eat wonderful, healthy, homemade bread, rolls and buns!  You know, I don't take it for granted and I don't begrudge the effort.  I know that God provided a heart desire for me.  He is so GOOD! 

So what is your heart's desire?  Ask your Heavenly Father for it and watch to see how He blesses you!!


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