Monday, April 11, 2011 Soup!

Learning how to save money or how to be a better steward of what I do have is a constant pursuit of mine.  Recently, my sweet friend, Danna, lent me her copy of Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half with America's Cheapest Family®.  It was a great book and I learned so much.  There is no way I can implement all of the ideas at once but I am doing what I can. 

One great idea was called Garbage Soup.  After we tried it, Julia aptly named it Extra-ordinary Soup.  She named it that because you take ordinary leftovers and save them in a jar in the freezer.  When you have enough, you make it into soup, possibly adding some fresh onion and celery or whatever you have on hand and it becomes extra-ordinary!  If you don't generate any leftover dripping from meat for broth, you could use bouillion.  I really like it because it tastes great but also because we won't waste those little bits of leftovers anymore!

This is the second jar of leftover we have accumulated since I read the neat tip. 

 It's about time to make that good soup!

You can learn more about the authors, Steve and Annette Economides, on their website, America's Cheapest Family.

You can also learn the benefits of homemade broth from an older post that I did here.   The link for the Broth is Beautiful article has moved to here.

 Happy cooking,

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Anonymous said...

I grew up eating garbage soup and it was always delicious! I remember the first time my uncle, from Europe, came to visit and ate some. When he asked what it was and we told him, you should have seen the look on his face. It was priceless. :) We never knew what was going to show up in that soup but somehow it always tasted great.