Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Please Pray

My niece, her name is Denise Paull, was in a head-on car accident last week.  The Lord spared her life.  But she is pretty banged up.  The front of the car was totally smashed in and it took the emergency workers 45 minutes to cut her out of the car.  The Lord spared her legs.  She has a broken heel, shattered ankle and broken kneecap.  She could have died or lost her legs.  Her upper jaw is broken and she lost her 3 front teeth.  There was a gash on her face and arm.  A nerve was severed in her wrist but God provided a surgeon in the emergency room to microscopically reattach it. 

She was visiting family out of state.  My sister and brother-in-law were on the plane to join her when the accident happened.  They are going to try to fly her home on Thursday with a wheelchair.  Please pray for healing and a safe and comfortable journey home.  She is 18 years old. 

Thank you for praying,

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The Cole Family said...


I just prayed for her.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes, I decided that I would start blogging a little. I don't have my mom to tell what we are doing, so this will be my outlet for sharing what we are doing in our life. It is nice to share with someone what is going on in your life. When family isn't there, it is hard.

Your summer plans sound great too. I just realized that I didn't write what my older kids are doing. It is so hard when kids get older to find things for them to do, especially when you aren't following the culture, you know?

It is nice to be able to correspond with you. Maybe we can all meet someday. I know my kids would love it too!